Marcy's Story

Harnessing the Power of Connection: The Unseen Force in Fitness Success

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There is a transformative power in fitness, a force that reshapes our physical form, minds, self-perception, and approach to life. The transformative journey to a healthier life is rarely solitary. Rather, it thrives on the companionship of an empathetic guide, often a personal trainer, who is more than a dispenser of routines. A deep, personal connection with your fitness instructor is key to success.

Such a connection goes beyond exercise plans and diet advice. It's about understanding their motivations and aspirations, seeing our struggles mirrored in their journey, and drawing inspiration from their triumphs and resilience. This is more than fitness; it's a shared narrative of personal growth.

A fitness guide who we relate to as a real individual, not a distant figure, becomes our roadmap to a healthier life. They guide us through similar storms they've weathered, inspiring us to persevere. This emotional bond, often overlooked in the world of physical fitness, is crucial.

Ultimately, a personal connection with your fitness guide turns the fitness journey from a solitary struggle into a shared narrative of resilience and triumph. Towards that end, I'm sharing my personal story with you.  It doesn't replace a one-to-one conversation, which I'm happy to have, but it will give you a better idea if I'm the right fit for you.,

From Childhood Play to Fitness Professional - A Journey of Passion and Transformation

Marcy Curry is a dedicated fitness professional who has transformed her own life and touched countless others along her journey. From her earliest experiences with fitness and surfing to her growth as a respected expert, Marcy's story showcases the power of fitness and the positive impact it can have on our lives.

Early Years: Embracing Play and Discovering Surfing
Marcy's first encounters with fitness were rooted in unstructured play during her childhood. She relished the freedom of outdoor activities, from climbing trees to biking, skateboarding, and swimming. However, it was her connection with the ocean that sparked her lifelong love affair with surfing. Reflecting on her early experiences, Marcy shares, "I started surfing around the age of 9 or 10. I would spend hours at the beach, playing in the water, learning to avoid rip tides. Surfing became my passion."

Developing her Surfing and Fitness Skills
In her quest to master the waves, Marcy turned to the ocean for guidance. Without the availability of surf schools at the time, she embraced learning through immersive play. Marcy remarks, "Playing in the water taught me the intricacies of surfing. In those days, we didn't have structured lessons; we simply ventured out and learned by doing."

A Turning Point: Inspiring Figures and the Indoor Training Journey
While Marcy's love for outdoor play thrived, she faced challenges during school physical education classes. Despite excelling in various activities, she was deemed unfit due to her running time. Undeterred, Marcy's passion for movement persisted. At 21, she embarked on an indoor training journey, inspired by mentors who shaped her fitness path. Marcy recalls, "George Dubets, owner of Carmel Fitness Center, taught me weightlifting. I felt like a natural, grasping routines and form easily."

Marcy's journey also led her to Kim Fuji, an influential mentor. Under Kim's guidance, Marcy embraced dance aerobics, leading her to teach high-impact classes and further her fitness education.  As Marcy recalled, "Kim  taught me to continue learning everything about fitness.  I learned so much from her, including attending any fitness conference available. I went on to get my fitness certification from AAFA, and ACE, and NASM, eventually becoming a one-on-one instructor as well as a group instructor.

Entrepreneurship and the Birth of In Shape
In 1991, Marcy's passion for fitness and a desire for a new professional direction converged. After returning from a surf trip in Bali and feeling disillusioned with restaurant work, she attended a workshop led by Kim Fuji on one-on-one training. Inspired by the possibilities, Marcy took a leap of faith and established her personal training business, In Shape. Recounting those early days, she admits, "Starting my business was challenging. Convincing people to invest in their fitness seemed unheard of. But I taught group classes to keep income flowing and attended fitness conferences to stay ahead."

Influences and Continuing Education:
Throughout her career, Marcy has been influenced by esteemed figures shaping her unique fitness approach. Dr. Eric Cobb of Z-Health stands out as a significant influence, imparting knowledge about neuroscience and its impact on movement. Marcy's passion for Pilates led her to admire Moira Stott, known for her contributions to making Pilates safer and more effective. With Z-Health certifications and Pilates expertise, Marcy combines her knowledge to provide a holistic approach to fitness.

Fitness as a Catalyst for Personal Transformation
For Marcy, fitness has played a central role in her personal transformation. Reflecting on her journey, she shares, "When I was around 14, I fell into a partying lifestyle that took me away from the activities I loved. Fitness became my path to recovery and sobriety." Fitness offered her discipline, resilience, and a new lease on life. Marcy adds, "Fitness saved me. It taught me discipline and the importance of never giving up. It was a turning point that helped me overcome my past struggles and paved the way for a healthier and more fulfilling life."

The Power of Fitness: Physical and Mental Well-being
Marcy firmly believes in the transformative power of fitness, both physically and mentally. She emphasizes the importance of finding joy in movement and embracing activities that bring fulfillment. Marcy states, "The power of fitness lies in discovering what makes you want to move. Whether it's walking, running, sports, dancing, or any other form of exercise, movement is essential for our overall well-being."

Connecting with Clients: Empathy and Fun
Marcy's approach to fitness is deeply rooted in empathy and creating a sense of enjoyment. By actively listening to her clients' goals and aspirations, she tailors her expertise to guide them towards success. Marcy states, "I connect with clients by truly understanding their desires and using my knowledge to help them achieve their goals. I believe in making health and fitness fun. If you don't enjoy it, we find something else that sparks your passion."

Fitness Programs with Lasting Impact
In her fitness programs, Marcy aims to instill a positive and lasting impact on her clients' lives. She aspires for individuals to develop a better relationship with themselves and movement. Marcy explains, "I want people to experience a sense of joy and empowerment through exercise. I also strive to help them understand the significance of fueling their bodies with nourishing foods."

Education and Learning for Maximum Results
Marcy's commitment to education and continuous learning sets her apart as a fitness professional. She is driven by her desire to discover more efficient ways to help clients achieve their goals. Marcy shares, "I have an innate craving for learning and finding the most effective methods to help people reach their fitness goals. Through my training with Dr. Cobb, I have gained valuable shortcuts and techniques that enhance the efficiency of workouts and promote a stronger mind-body connection."  Marcy has over 10 certifications in Z-Health and is working on achieving certification in the Masters's program.

Creativity in Fitness: Embracing Fun and Variety
Incorporating creativity into her fitness approach, Marcy constantly seeks new ways to keep workouts engaging and enjoyable. She emphasizes the importance of finding personal enjoyment in movement. Marcy explains, "I practice what I preach by constantly exploring new exercises and changing routines to keep things interesting. My philosophy is centered around having fun while moving and making each session a joyful experience."

Making a Difference and Leaving a Legacy
For Marcy, the most fulfilling aspects of her work revolve around witnessing her clients' personal growth and transformation. She finds joy in motivating others to embrace their own fitness endeavors and witnessing their physical and emotional strength develop. Marcy expresses, "My goal is to make a positive impact on people's lives, helping them discover the joy of movement and fostering a healthier relationship with their bodies."

Reflecting on her journey, Marcy acknowledges the best advice she received: "You have the body that you have earned." These words, imparted by Dr. Cobb, remind her of the significance of consistent effort and dedication. Conversely, she has learned to disregard detrimental advice such as pushing harder without considering form or individual capabilities.

Looking ahead, Marcy's dream is to inspire individuals worldwide to embrace their unique fitness journeys. She hopes to foster a shift in perspective, where fitness is viewed as a personal and lifelong adventure rather than a destination. Through her passion and dedication, Marcy aims to leave a legacy encouraging others to enjoy movement, prioritize their well-being, and embark on their own transformative fitness experiences.

She explains, "I love motivating people to find their own personal fitness endeavors. I love watching people get out of pain, I love seeing clients get stronger physically and emotionally. "