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I was having a hip problem and walking with a slight limp which was from years of working out. After consulting with a doctor I decided I wanted to avoid surgery and needed to find something which would help me. I consulted with Marcy Curry and she placed me on a regimen of ZHealth and Pilates Reformer. Wow, after a couple of months I was no longer walking with a limp and my body felt stronger. I am living proof that what Marcy did for me, she can do for you. I strongly believe in her expertise and so should you!  Thank you, Marcy, for pushing me and providing me with alternative options.  *

– Mary 

Since I have started working out with Marcy twice a week I have felt physically better, have much better range of motion and am stronger overall which makes me come back for the hour long sessions even though I really do not like working out at all. The results are the motivator and Marcy tailors the sessions to the age, agility and fitness of her clients so that progress is continuous and encouraging. Her positive personality and constant encouragement has made all the difference!  *


I absolutely love Marcy’s teaching style.  She is an inspiration and so much fun to work with.  After just a few sessions I feel strong, sexy and ready to take on whatever life brings my way!  *

-Caroline T

I started training with Marcy 8 weeks ago, after two years (and two rotator cuff surgeries) of virtual inactivity.  Not only is my core strength returning…  But with her support and encouragement I have also lost 19 pounds!!  I love how wonderful I feel after each session.  So don’t wait any longer, let Marcy help reshape your world!  *


*All results are individualized, your results may vary.